VRKP has seen technological revolutions by adopting state-of-the-art Quenching Technology required to manufacture TMT Bars as per ISI standards.

The company’s plant is equipped with all ultra modern manufacturing processes that make meeting and surpassing expectations an everyday thing.


This is a special heat-treatment process, which is treated during rolling itself. At the exit of the hot rolled product, the ribbed bar is subjected to the TMT process, which involves 3 stages.

  • Stage I
  • Successive steps of rapid quenching in a special high pressure Water circulation system converting the surface layer of ribbed bar into hardened structure.
  • Stage II
  • The tempering process involving the flow of heat from the core of the bar to the surface.
  • Stage III
  • Finally, cooling the bars in atmospheric air on the cooling bed. This transforms the outer case of the bar into tempered martens tic state, while internally the bar will be a fine ferrite partite core. The TMT process eliminates all undesirable qualities of the normality treated bar.
    Due to this unique and precise technology, VRKP TMT Bars have all the desired properties of High Strength, good toughness and ductility without the need of costly alloying elements.